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Phil Short


Since a young age I have always had a passion for music, I would just sit and listen to the radio for hours until I cultivating certain tastes. First rock and then metal. Metal brought such joy to my life that I decided to get a guitar and teach myself. Dived head first into writing, formed my first band and from there found my passion in music while having the time of my life. Fast forward to now and I couldn't be happier to be apart of a music venue that can pass along the inspiration I found in it onto the youth of this city. 

Ryan Walraven


Growing up in a small town, north west of Edmonton with minimal resources to music it always made me strive to get out and chase my passion. I ended up moving to Edmonton at age 18 and shortly after that found my first band. We all dove head first, buncha kids booking our own tours, shows and just having a blast. That's where it all started. I began booking our own shows, it turned into other peoples shows, that turned into a business and well over 800 shows later. Here I am, working with my best friend to make sure the youth of this city and abroad can share those same experiences. In a building that we built, that's awesome.

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Contact Information:

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